Perfume Beads

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A unique way to wear essential oils or your favorite perfume can be obtained by adding a drop to a lava bead. Lava beads are from a natural substance and can hold a fragrance, in fact, when it comes to essential oils, it will hold the fragrance longer on a lava bead than on your own skin. Patricia Swayze Designs make bracelets with lava beads for just that purpose. Since essential oils are healthier than your typical synthetic perfume, it makes sense to put a drop on a lava bead because the fragrance of the essential oil will last longer there than on your skin. So if you love wearing essential oils but get disappointed when they only last a short while on your wrist, try wearing a bracelet that has a lava bead. They come in different colors. The most popular colors seem to be black, white, blue, and white.